How to contribute to “Hylian” the decentralized price oracle of ICON (½)

Daedric and Marvin


$ python3 -V> Python 3.6.9
$ sudo apt update$ sudo apt install python3
$ sudo apt install python3-dev
# Install levelDB$ sudo apt install libleveldb1 libleveldb-dev# Install libSecp256k$ sudo apt install libsecp256k1-dev# install RabbitMQ and start service$ sudo apt install rabbitmq-server#install jq a JSON preprocessor$ sudo apt install jq
$ mkdir tbears-work$ cd tbears-work
$ python -m venv ./venv && source ./venv/bin/activate
(venv) user@machine: ~/tbears-work$
$ pip install tbears
$ git clone && cd Daedric
$ ./
$ ./
  • A first one on the Yeouido network in ./config/yeouido/keystores/operator.icx
  • A second one on the Euljiro network in ./config/euljiro/keystores/operator.icx
  • A last one on the Mainnet network in ./config/mainnet/keystores/operator.icx
./scripts/score/ -n yeouido -t ICXUSD
tbears deploy output
testing daedric
“txHash”: “0x152008ba2818d687328b4d167fed229fda9450df00f4fdc48ae66564fb58d390”
{  “method”: “post”,  “params”: {    “value”: “4716448159773378560”  }}



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